Terms of sales

General terms of sales of ateliercologne.eu website
Effective as of 16/01/2020

If your order was made before that date, please click here to access the GTS effective on the date of your order.

These general terms of sale and the contractual relationship between ATELIER COLOGNE and Purchaser shall be governed by the laws of France. As a member of the French e-commerce and mail-order association (Fédération du E-commerce et de la Vente à Distance - FEVAD), ATELIER COLOGNE agrees to comply with all of the consumer protection requirements under the e-commerce and mail-order Rules of ethics, which You can access by clicking here In the event of any dispute, the parties shall endeavor to reach an out-of-court settlement prior to initiating any court action.


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Welcome to the www.ateliercologne.eu website (the “Website”).

Please read carefully these general terms of sale (the “GTS”), as well as the Website Terms of Use (accessible here) and the Privacy Policy (accessible here) which govern Your browsing activity on the Website and our relationship with You if You order any products and related services via the Website (the “Products”)..

As used in these GTS, “You” or “Purchaser” shall mean the person who browses the Website and/or orders any Products via the Website; “We” or “Seller” shall mean the company identified in the legal notice above; Purchaser and Seller are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties” and, individually, a “Party”..

Any order of Product offered via the Website shall require that You acknowledge and expressly agree to these GTS by ticking the dedicated box during the order process.

These GTS shall solely apply to the exclusion of any and all other terms of sale, whether applicable to sale via retail outlets or any other distribution or marketing channels.

Pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, it is hereby specified that confirming a purchase order as set forth under these GTS shall qualify as an e-contract between the Parties and valid evidence as between the Parties of the entire order and all amounts due and payable under such order.



All Products offered via the Website are intended exclusively for individuals aged 16 and over. We hereby reserve the right to request from time to time that You provide an identification document evidencing your age. We reserve the right not to respond to an order and/or to exclude from our customer/prospect database any Purchaser who fails to satisfy such request or meet the requirements under this section.

It is hereby specified that the Products are intended for the Purchaser’s own personal use, which must be unrelated to his/her professional occupation, including any Product reselling. We reserve the right to limit the number of orders per account for the same product or the number of products per order for the same account. The product "Discovery Set" cannot be ordered more than 3 times a year per account.


a) Products

Products offered for sale via the Website shall be those displayed on the Website on the date the Purchaser browses the Website.

Purchaser is hereby informed that any photographs and language used to illustrate the Products may change over time.

b) Product unavailability

If a Product is unavailable, You shall be informed of such unavailability:

  • - during the order process: a notice will be displayed indicating that the desired Product is temporarily unavailable;
  • - or after the order is confirmed and before delivery, by email.

If the order was previously confirmed by Purchaser, he/she shall be informed of his/her option to (i) receive delivery of only part of his/her order without such Product(s) as may be unavailable on the date of the order; or (ii) cancel his/her entire order.
Purchaser shall then, within forty-eight (48) working hours (exclusive of any weekend days or bank holidays) following his/her receipt of the information email from Seller, as per the procedure proposed by Seller, confirm that he/she opts for:

  • - cancellation of the entire order; or
  • - delivery of part of the order, under such specific delivery terms as Seller may have indicated.

After said forty-eight (48)-hour period, absent any request sent by Purchaser to Seller as per the procedure specified by Seller, the partial order shall be sent and delivered to Purchaser at the standard delivery rate indicated in the table under the “Prices” Section below. The price of the order shall then be charged to Purchaser less the price of any unavailable Product(s). If the price was cashed in full directly upon Purchaser’s order, Seller shall give Purchaser a refund of the portion of the price related to the unavailable Product(s) within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days following Seller’s notice of unavailability to Purchaser, using the same payment method as that used by Purchaser.

If Purchaser requests the cancellation of his/her entire order, the order price shall not be cashed.

If Purchaser’s payment was cashed in full directly upon order, Seller shall give Purchaser a refund of the amount paid within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days following receipt of Purchaser’s order cancellation request, using the same payment method as that used by Purchaser.

c) Prices

Prices shall be in euros (€) and valid in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Vatican. Prices shall be inclusive of any discounts and VAT as applicable on the date of order. Any variation in applicable VAT rates shall be reflected onto the Product prices.

Prices indicated below are exclusive of any processing or delivery costs, which shall be specified before the order is confirmed and charged as extra costs. Said costs shall be charged for each order in the amounts indicated in the table below:

Standard Colissimo 0,00€

It is hereby specified that any promotions that may be granted as discount vouchers shall be valid for only a single order per household over a given validity period and are not cumulative with any other discount offers.

Seller reserves the right to modify prices from time to time, provided however that the Products shall be charged on the basis of the price list as applicable upon registration of the order.

d) Users’ ratings and comments

You are authorized to rate and recommend each Product. You can also look up other users’ ratings and recommendations. The ratings and recommendations indicated for each Product reflect the average ratings and recommendations given by those users who answered each question, under their respective personal responsibility. Said ratings and recommendations shall in no way be contractually binding upon Seller.

The stars shown on the Website next to any Product reflect the average ratings, at any given time, attributed by the individuals who expressed their opinions about such Product via our Website, and may therefore vary from day to day.


a) Order terms

In order to place an order, Purchaser shall first access the Website.

Purchaser can then view the various Products offered for sale on the date he/she browses the Website and select his/her Products by (i) browsing the various categories of Products; or (ii) typing directly the Product name in the search engine; or (iii) clicking on a page in the Website map at the bottom of each page, and thus accessing the full range of Products.

While browsing the Website, Purchaser may, if he/she so wishes, place an order by simply clicking on the dedicated button for adding a Product to the shopping cart.

Once this is completed, Purchaser shall see the number of Products in his/her shopping cart displayed. It is hereby specified that the content of the shopping cart may be subject to a session timeout.

Purchaser may then continue browsing or click on his/her shopping cart to see the contents of the cart displayed onscreen, with all of the ordered items, including the main features of each Product, the aggregate amount of the order, billing and delivery details, delivery period, costs and any applicable delivery restrictions as well as the rights and legal warranties available to Purchaser.

Purchaser may go back to, supplement, modify or cancel said order, until he/she finally confirms it. If Purchaser wants to select any further Product(s), he/she may continue browsing the Website, with the assurance that the selected Product(s) shall be duly kept in his/her shopping cart.

When he/she is finished selecting the Products, Purchaser may order them by confirming the order by clicking on the dedicated button. A new page shall then be displayed, asking Purchaser to:

  • - enter his/her login (email address) and password if Purchaser is already registered on the Website; or
  • - accurately fill out a personal data collection form by entering the information in the required fields, including Last Name, First Name, Email Address, Postal Billing Address (to which delivery can be made Monday through Friday during working hours in France).

Purchaser agrees to fill out the provided form in good faith. Purchaser acknowledges that the data disclosed to Seller and stored in Seller’s or its subcontractors’ IT systems are correct and shall constitute valid evidence of his/her identity. It is hereby specified that said personal data shall be governed by the Privacy Policy accessible here.

After checking the content of his/her order, Purchaser shall be asked to:

  • - click on the dedicated button to access payment of his/her order, as per the terms set forth under these GTS;
  • - or click on the dedicated button to modify his/her shopping cart and/or personal contact information;

Before clicking on the dedicated button to access payment of his/her order, Purchaser shall be required to, first, read these GTS and, second, confirm that he/she agrees to these GTS by completing an acceptance confirmation action required on the Website (e.g., ticking a box).

Upon Purchaser’s confirmation of his/her acceptance of these GTS, a dedicated Web page shall open up for payment of the order. Any and all orders hereunder shall carry the obligation to pay, which means that placing an order requires Purchaser to make a payment.

Purchaser shall then proceed to make payment for his/her order as per the terms set forth under these GTS.

It is hereby specified that upon selecting payment by credit card, under Section 4 below, Purchaser shall be automatically connected to the payment service provider’s e-cash server. The payment service provider’s server shall be secured by an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption process intended to protect as efficiently as possible all data related to payment methods, and ensure that Purchaser’s banking details shall not at any time transit though Seller’s IT system. It shall, therefore, assume no liability.

Seller’s computerized records or other recorded data shall constitute valid evidence of all transactions made between Seller and Purchaser.

b) Order confirmation

Upon confirmation of the order and validation of the related payment as per the terms set forth below, a printable and downloadable version of Purchaser’s order recap shall be displayed, including, without limitation, the order’s reference.

An order confirmation email shall be sent promptly by Seller to the email address provided by Purchaser, including, without limitation, the following information:

  • ◦ Seller’s identity and contact details;
  • ◦ reference of the order as registered upon placing the order;
  • ◦ a recap of the order and main features of the Products;
  • ◦ the delivery period, costs and restrictions, if any;
  • ◦ the total amount of the order, inclusive of tax;
  • ◦ the rights and legal warranties available to Purchaser;
  • ◦ payment confirmation;
  • ◦ these General Terms of Sale;
  • ◦ the withdrawal form.

Seller shall retain title to the Product(s) ordered until the price and any ancillary expenses, including shipping costs, have been fully cashed by Seller. In the event of a payment default, Purchaser agrees to return at its own cost the Products received to Seller, on demand.

For the purpose of preserving Seller from any fraudsters’ abusive practices, and in the event that Seller or the online payment service provider suspect an order of being fraudulent, they hereby reserve the right to request Purchaser (before processing the order) to provide additional documentary evidence (including Purchaser’s ID) in order to check whether it is fraudulent or not.

If Purchaser fails to respond within fifteen (15) days following Seller’s or the online payment service provider’s request, the order shall be cancelled and no payment shall be cashed by Seller. If payment for the order has already been cashed, Seller shall refund it within fourteen (14) days following the end of the abovementioned period of time, using the same payment method as that used by Purchaser.

c) Evidence of the order

It is hereby expressly agreed between Seller and Purchaser that emails shall constitute valid evidence as between the Parties, as well as any automated recording systems used on the Website, particularly with respect to the type and date of the order.

Purchaser may access, where applicable under ordinary rules of law, the e-contract between Purchaser and Seller, upon contacting the Customer Service here and providing all of the information required for this purpose, including the order number and his/her contact details.


The amount payable by Purchaser shall be the amount stated on the order confirmation as displayed on the dedicated webpage and subsequently sent by email by Seller to Purchaser.

Purchaser is offered a choice of different payment options, upon confirming his/her order as specified hereabove.

Payment can be made:

  • - upon making the order, via the Internet, by Credit Card (Visa, Amex, MasterCard);
  • - or over the telephone, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the standard local call rate, by Credit Card (Visa, Amex, MasterCard);

The order shall not be approved by Seller unless and until (i) Purchaser agrees to the GTS; (ii) payment validity is checked and confirmed; and (iii) confirmation of order acceptance has been sent to Purchaser.

In any event, Seller reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in case (i) any of the thresholds set forth under the “Purchase Terms” Section hereof is exceeded; (ii) of any existing dispute with Purchaser, (iii) of any payment default of all or part of any order by Purchaser; (iv) a payment authorization by credit card is denied by banking institutions; (v) of any payment default or partial payment.


a) Delivery terms

When the order is ready, it shall be dispatched to the postal address entered by Purchaser in his/her order.

The Products shall be sent by mail or via a special service provider (as the case may be and/or as per the selected delivery options) (hereinafter “Carrier”). If Purchaser is not home, Carrier shall leave a delivery notice in Purchaser’s mailbox. Purchaser shall then contact Carrier to agree on a new delivery date. However, if Purchaser fails to contact Carrier, the latter shall make two more delivery attempts on such date and time as may be determined by Carrier in its discretion.

Purchaser is hereby informed that any given parcel shall be kept by Carrier for a period of ten (10) working days as from the initial delivery attempt.

b) Delivery period

Orders paid by credit card shall be processed within a maximum period of four (4) working days.

It is hereby specified that an order shall not be dispatched unless and until it is duly processed.

When the order is processed, the relevant Products shall be dispatched and delivered by Carrier within the time period below:

  • - delivery by Standard Colissimo : 2-3 working days;

Working days shall mean any days other than Sundays and bank holidays.

An order shall in any event be completed within a maximum period of thirty (30) days following the day after date on which Purchaser confirmed his/her order, subject to full payment of the price and compliance with the purchase terms as defined under the “Purchase Terms” Section of these GTS.

Failing delivery by said deadline, Purchaser shall have the right to cancel his/her order as per the terms set forth under the “Late Delivery” Section below.

c) Late delivery

In case of late delivery (i.e., after the specified delivery period or, where there is none, after the maximum delivery period of thirty (30) days following the order confirmation), Purchaser shall promptly notify Seller of this delay by email, by clicking here, so that Seller can make inquiries with Carrier.

If the order is retrieved during said inquiries, it shall be immediately rerouted to the place of delivery specified in the order. If, however, the loss of the order is confirmed further to said inquiries, Seller shall at its own cost re-dispatch the Product(s) to Purchaser or, if permanently unavailable, refund all amounts paid by Purchaser (including delivery costs), using the same payment method as that used by Purchaser.

In any event, in case of late delivery exceeding seven (7) working days following Purchaser’s email notifying the delay, other than due to force majeure, Purchaser shall have the option to cancel his/her order by informing the Customer Service by clicking here.

If Purchaser exercises this option as per the terms set forth under this Section 5.c, the price of the order shall not be cashed by Seller.

If payment for the order has already been cashed, Seller shall refund all amounts paid by Purchaser (including delivery costs), using the same payment method as that used by Purchaser, within fourteen (14) days following its receipt of the cancellation notice, excluding any and all other form of compensation.

d) Receipt

A delivery shall be deemed fulfilled as soon as Carrier makes the Product(s) available to Purchaser or to a third-party designated by Purchaser. It shall be Purchaser’s responsibility to check the delivered Product(s)’ compliance and integrity immediately upon receipt thereof.

Any default/reservation identified at the time of delivery (including any late delivery, missing or damaged Product) shall be fully and accurately noted by Purchaser on the delivery note issued by Carrier upon making the Products available and/or confirmed by registered mail to Carrier within ten (10) days following receipt of the order.

Any such reservations shall be simultaneously and promptly notified to Seller’s Customer Service here, attaching a copy of the claim sent to Carrier.

a) Description of legal warranties

Pursuant to sections L. 217-4 et seq. of the French Consumer Code (Code de consommation), Seller shall be required to deliver a Product in compliance with the order made by Purchaser and shall be liable for any lack of conformity that may exist upon delivery thereof.

In this respect, for purposes of conformity under the contract, a Product shall:

1° Be suitable for the use that can generally be expected of a similar Product and, where applicable:

  • • match the description given by Seller and have the same qualities as those shown to Purchaser in any sample or model;
  • • have the qualities that any Purchaser can legitimately expect based on public statements made by Seller, the producer or manufacturer or their representative, including any advertising or labelling; or

2° Meet such specific features as may have been defined by mutual agreement between the Parties or be suitable for any specific use as may be sought by Purchaser and disclosed to, and accepted by, Seller.

Likewise, pursuant to section 1641 of the French Civil Code, Seller is under the obligation to warrant all sold items against any hidden defects that may make them unsuitable for their intended use or that may restrict such use to the extent that Purchaser would not have purchased them or for a lesser price had he/she been aware of such defects.

b) How to proceed

If the delivered Products lacks conformity with the Products ordered by Purchaser or if they have any hidden defects, Purchaser shall send an email to Seller’s Customer Service by clicking here to notify the Product(s)’ lack of conformity or hidden defects.

Seller’s Customer Service shall acknowledge receipt of Purchaser’s request and confirm the process to follow. Upon receipt of instructions from Seller’s Customer Service, Purchaser shall return the Products that are lack conformity or have hidden defects to Seller at the address below:

Atelier Cologne - Retour Internet, 8, rue Saint-Florentin, 75001 Paris, France.

Such Product(s) shall be (i) returned complete, unused, in its/their intact original packaging; and (ii) to the extent possible with its/their original wrapping and the return voucher, and a copy of the invoice.

Also, Seller shall not accept parcels freight collect. Any risk related to returned Product(s) shall be assumed by Purchaser.

Upon receipt of the Product(s) allegedly lack conformity or having hidden defects, Seller shall check the Product(s) to ascertain the conformity or non-conformity thereof. Likewise, Seller may perform a quality test on the Product(s) returned by Purchaser to check whether the returned Product(s) is/are in fact original Product(s). It is hereby agreed that said checks shall be performed as promptly as possible and within a maximum period of one (1) month.

c) Contents of the legal warranties

If the Product(s)’ lack of conformity is confirmed or hidden defect ascertained:

Purchaser shall have the option to have the Product either repaired or replaced, subject to the cost requirements set forth under section L. 217-9 of the Consumer Code. In this respect, Purchaser shall be (i) entitled to initiate action within a period of two (2) years following delivery of the Product; and (ii) exempted from the burden to prove the existence of a lack of conformity in the Product during a period of twenty-four (24) months following delivery of the Product.

For the purposes of claiming the warranty against hidden defects in the item sold as defined under section 1641 of the Civil Code, Purchaser shall have the option to either terminate the sale transaction or obtain a reduced sale price as per section 1644 of the Civil Code.


a. Notice of withdrawal to Seller

Purchaser shall have a right of withdrawal that he/she may exercise within a period of fourteen (14) clear days, without being required to give any reason or pay any penalty, provided that he/she shall bear all return costs. Said withdrawal period shall expire fourteen (14) clear days following the day on which Purchaser, or any third-party he/she may designate other than Carrier, takes physical possession of the Products.

If Purchaser ordered several Products in a single order or if the Products were delivered in several parts, the withdrawal period shall not commence unless and until Purchaser, or any third-party he/she may designate other than Carrier, takes physical possession of the last Product or last part of the delivery.

Purchaser shall exercise his/her withdrawal right by giving Seller notice of such withdrawal using any unambiguous statement during said withdrawal period, including:

  • (i) by mail to the following address: Atelier Cologne - Retour Internet, 8, rue Saint-Florentin, 75001 Paris, France.
  • (ii) by email to the following address: [email protected]

Purchaser may also, at his/her option, fill out and send the withdrawal form. In such case, upon receipt of said form, Seller shall acknowledge receipt of such request by sending an e-mail or a letter.

I hereby notify to you my withdrawal from the contract relating to the sale of the goods (*) below:

Ordered on ......................................... / Received/withdrawn on ......................................... (*)

Order number: ..................................................................................

Name(s) of consumer(s): ..................................................................................

Address(es) of consumer(s): ..................................................................................

Signature(s) of consumer(s) (only in the event of notification of this form in paper version):

Date: .........................................

(*) Cross out the items that do not apply.

The withdrawal period shall be deemed met if Purchaser send his/her notice exercising his/her withdrawal right within said withdrawal period.

b. Returning cancelled Products

As per Purchaser’s notice of withdrawal, Purchaser shall return the Product(s) to Seller complete, unused, in its/their intact original packaging, and to the extent possible with its/their original wrapping and the return voucher, and a copy of the invoice, without undue delay and by no later than ninety (90) days following Purchaser’s notice of withdrawal above to [email protected] Said time limit shall be deemed met if the Products are returned within the ninety (90)-day cancellation period.

Failure for the Products to be returned within said ninety (90)-day period following Purchaser’s notice of withdrawal no refund shall be made.

All return costs of the Product(s) shall be borne by Purchaser.

c. Refund of cancelled Products

Seller agrees to give Purchaser a refund of all amounts paid, including delivery costs (exclusive of any extra delivery costs that may result from the Purchaser’s selecting a payment method other than the lower standard delivery rate offered by Seller). Unless Purchaser expressly selected another repayment method, the refund for the Product(s) shall be made using the same payment method as that initially used by Purchaser, without undue delay and, in any event, by no later than ninety (90) days following the date on which Seller was informed of Purchaser’s withdrawal decision. Said refund shall be at no cost to Purchaser. The refund of said amount may, however, be postponed until the returned Products are actually recovered or until Purchaser offers evidence of dispatching the Products, whichever occurs first.

It is hereby specified that any Products unsealed after delivery or which cannot be returned for sanitary or health protection purposes shall not be eligible for withdrawal (including, without limitation, any beauty-care Products if their cap or lid is removed).

For any further information on the scope, contents or instructions related to the exercise of Purchaser’s withdrawal right, Purchaser may contact Customer Service at the following email address: [email protected]


For any issue related to an order, please contact our Customer Service:

[email protected]
+33 (0)1 42 60 00 31

Pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Code governing out-of-court dispute resolution, L’Oréal subscribes to the Mediator service of The Centre for mediation and arbitration of Paris (Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris – CMAP) (hereafter the “Ombudsman”), whose contact details are as follows:

Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris (CMAP)
avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
75008 PARIS

In the event of a written complaint not resolved by our Customer Service, you can refer it to the Ombudsman free of charge. To find out how to refer the matter to the Ombudsman, click here. At the European level, the European Commission has also set up an online dispute resolution platform accessible here.

If the dispute is not resolved within the framework of this mediation, the dispute will be brought before the competent French courts.


a) Personal data

All personal information (personal data) marked with an asterisk and collected for mail-order purposes shall be required, as such information is necessary for the purposes of processing and delivering orders, and issuing invoices. Said information shall be strictly confidential and for use only by Seller or its subcontractors under the same obligations, for the sole purpose of processing orders and as per the Privacy Policy accessible here.

It is hereby specified that Purchaser shall have the right to access, modify, correct or delete his/her personal data.

Purchaser may exercise this right by sending a message and his/her ID to Seller’s Customer Service here.

Purchaser may receive information emails from Seller about Seller’s Products and activities, if Purchaser previously expresses consent by ticking the appropriate box. Purchaser shall retain the right to refuse such communication either as a preliminary matter by not expressing consent upon confirming the order, or subsequently by expressing his/her refusal by email by clicking here.

b) Cookies

The Website uses cookies. Cookies are computer files stored on the hard drive of Purchaser’s PC. For any further information on Seller’s use of cookies on this Website, please read the notice available here.


a) Force majeure

Neither Party shall be held liable for any failure to perform all or any part of its/his/her obligations under these GTS where such default is due to force majeure.

Force majeure shall mean any event meeting the criteria defined by case law as issued by the French Supreme Court (Cour de cassation) and applicable legislation.

Any Party asserting a force majeure event shall notify the other Party within five (5) working days following the occurrence of such force majeure event. The Parties hereby agree that they shall meet as promptly as practicable in order to mutually determine the performance terms of the order during the force majeure event. If the interruption due to force majeure continues for a period of one (1) month or more and if Seller is unable to fulfill the order, Seller shall give Purchaser a refund, as the case may be.

b) Partial Invalidity

In the event that any of the provisions under these GTS is held or found to be invalid under any law or regulation or final decision issued by a court of competent jurisdiction, all of the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

c) Entire GTS

These GTS and the recapitulative order sent to Purchaser shall form a single contract and reflect the entire agreement between the Parties.

In the event of any discrepancy between any of these documents, these GTS shall prevail.

d) Amendment to the GTS

It is hereby specified that Purchaser shall be authorized to save or print these GTS, provided that it shall not make any changes hereto.

Applicable GTS shall be accessible at all times via the “General Terms of Sale” tag on every page of the Website.

Seller may update these GTS from time to time. Any such update shall be subject to specific prior notice being displayed on the Website.

e) Governing Law

These GTS and the entire agreement between Purchaser and Seller shall be governed by the laws of France. In the event of any dispute between Purchaser and Seller, failing resolution through the mediation process provided under Section 8 above, said dispute shall be referred to the French Courts of competent jurisdiction.