Rose London

Candle [ Souvenirs de Voyages  ]

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Rose London

Candle [ Souvenirs de Voyages  ]

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  • 210 gr 210 gr €65.00
  • Rose candle Rose London
    Depending on whether its fragrance is used for a perfume or a candle, a rose can express different emotions. However, one thing is sure: This sweet scent will always speak to your heart. Being the national flower of England, the rose is representative of the country’s self-image and history. Its vibrant heart, the city of London, is of emblematic significance for Atelier Cologne since the first British Atelier opened its doors in the flower market of Covent Garden.

    The sparkling olfactory notes of Rose Absolue from Turkey, ginger from China and guaiac wood from Paraguay can be found in the rose candle Rose London created by Atelier Cologne. This scented candle surprises with the intensity of its earthy rose fragrance, making the city’s rich flower gardens come to life. Discover this blooming version of the legendary Tudor rose!

  • Rose Absolue Ginger Guaiac Wood
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 HOW  TO USE ?  

1st Use: Burn the candle 1h to 1h30 in order to obtain a bath of liquid wax at the top. Then extinguish the candle by blowing on it. Then, wait until the wax solidifies again.

2nd Use: Make sure that the candle is cold and that the top wax is solid. Burn a candle from 1h minimum to 4h maximum, then extinguish it and wait until the wax solidifies again for next use.

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Ratings & reviews

Caroline Clarke

May 24, 2019

Rose Anonyme is my latest Atelier purchase and currently my go-to scent for everyday. Several people have commented on the lovely floral air I leave in my wake, which is rather nice. I paired my 30ml bottle with a red leather case and added my initials which makes it feel very luxurious as well as smelling so gorgeous. The bottle in its dinky little case fits into my smallest day bag, which is a bonus too. Altogether delighted with all my purchases from Atelier a Cologne so far...and still exploring the range.

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